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How many more bags are there? There's no end to these bags....SIX in total.... What a

mess... our B&B room looks like a bomb hit it. Stuff everywhere...OK, it's time to get

organised, pack these bags with our gear... and get some sleep!!!!! I was exhausted from all

the organising and we hadn't even got to the start line yet.... Bed at 9.30pm Long day


Ironman day started at 4am. After a very twisty and unsettled night's sleep it was time to

get some fuel into our bodies. Porridge, toast and coffee. It felt like the middle of the night...

Made our way into Tenby to the enormous transition area with our wet suits and swim gear

in our white bag. The whole transition area immediately felt intimidating as every athlete

looked so professional and super fit. Thoughts of "what am I doing here "maybe it's all a bad