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Top 5 Tips To Start Running

It’s just over a year ago since I began running with Synergy Fitness. In this time I have completed two 10k runs, three half marathons a full marathon and two triathlons.

Here are my 5 Tips to get started:

1. Sign up to an event

Signing up to an event gives you a goal to work towards. Remember, you don’t need to be able to run 10k prior to a 10k race. A lot of people run and walk these races, you never need to feel under pressure to make a good time just focus on finishing at your own pace.

The atmosphere and adrenaline on a race day will push you to do much better than you thought you could.

Sign up to a race in your area and start training

2. Run with friends

Running with other people will make it a lot easier to get started. Company makes the time go faster, it will help you set your pace and the encouragement will keep you going.

3. Running shoes

After 3 runs I invested in a pair of Brooks runners, I went to My Sport in Enniscorthy, Wexford. They provided an assessment to find the best runners which would be suitable for my feet and for the purpose I needed.

Call in and get a free assessment to find the right runners for your needs

4. Clothing

Shorts!! I would not survive a run in a full pants. I heat up very quickly running so it’s always good to have the right clothes on. I usually wear shorts or ¾ length bottoms, light t-shirt, long or short sleeve (this will depend on the weather) and a light high vis jacket.

I like shorts or ¾ lengths to be fitted, this stops the feeling of them moving on my body and causing discomfort. I recommend that you find what suits you best.

You can pick up shorts for under €20 at Sports Direct

5. Energy Gels & Drinks

I never heard of Energy Gels until my 2nd or 3rd run, they can be a life saver. Not everyone likes the texture of these therefore some people bring jellies.

Energy Gels cost around €1.50 and they are brilliant to have for long distance running.

Bulk buys for energy gels are available online at Chain Reaction

These can also be purchased in The Bike Shop Selskar

I always bring a small drink bottle with a handle so it’s easy to carry. It doesn’t hold much water but there is enough for me to skip on and keep me hydrated.

You can buy a drinking bottle for approximately €3 at Sports Direct

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