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Top 5 Tips To Start Running

It’s just over a year ago since I began running with Synergy Fitness. In this time I have completed two 10k runs, three half marathons a full marathon and two triathlons.

Here are my 5 Tips to get started:

1. Sign up to an event

Signing up to an event gives you a goal to work towards. Remember, you don’t need to be able to run 10k prior to a 10k race. A lot of people run and walk these races, you never need to feel under pressure to make a good time just focus on finishing at your own pace.

The atmosphere and adrenaline on a race day will push you to do much better than you thought you could.

Sign up to a race in your area and start training

2. Run with friends

Running with other people will make it a lot easier to get started. Company makes the time go faster, it will help you set your pace and the encouragement will keep you going.

3. Running shoes

After 3 runs I invested in a pair of Brooks runners, I went to My Sport in Enniscorthy, Wexford. They provided an assessment to find the best runners which would be suitable for my feet and for the purpose I needed.

Call in and get a free assessment to find the right runners for your needs

4. Clothing